POLLS are open in Warrington for the Local Elections.

Residents can vote until 10pm tonight.

All 58 seats are up in the Local Elections with voters also choosing the next Cheshire Crime Commissioner. In some areas, parish council seats will be on the ballot.

At the moment Labour holds the power with 36 councillors.

The Conservatives have 10 councillors, the Liberal Democrats eight and there are four independents.

For crime commissioner, John Dwyer defends for the Conservatives, Dan Price is standing for Labour and Paul Duffy for the Liberal Democrats.

Who is standing for borough council?


Appleton -3 to be elected

Booth, Laura LD

Chapman, Ghazala CON

Critchley, Kenneth CON

Jervis, Mark CON

Scott, Matt LD

Walker, Peter LD

Whalen, Jane LAB

Bewsey and Whitecross - 3 to be elected

Critchley, Cecilia CON

Crowther, David LD

Jennings, Tom LAB

Mohammed, Shireen Saeed LAB

Price, Barbara CON

Thompson, Lisa CON

Wright, Steve LAB

Birchwood - 3 to be elected

Allen, Craig Peter CON

Balding, Nigel CON

Challinor, Dion   Reform UK         

Dhillon, Balbir Kaur LAB

Dhillon Kuldeep Singh LAB

Murphy, Neil CON

Price, Tim LAB

Burtonwood and Winwick - 2 to be elected

Burgess,              Kevin LAB

Carr, Siobhan Maureen  LAB

Gardiner, Stewart CON

Mann, Stuart Independent

Murray, Theresa Independent

Wheeldon, Maddison Stacey, Green

Chapelford and Old Hall - 3 to be elected

Bird, Allan LD

Cooper, Blake CON

Hepherd-Hall, Gavin CON

Hutton-Riedijk, Bec GREEN

Parish, Steve LAB

Pete, Barbara LAB

Shah, Nisha CON

Warburton, Paul LAB

Culcheth Glazebury and Croft - 3 to be elected

Allen, Val CON

Benson, Carol CON

Edwards, Alicia, CON

Johnson, Neil LAB

Seddon, Janet LAB

Smith, Matt LAB

Fairfield and Howley - 3 to be elected

Flaherty, Jean    LAB

Fowler, Dave Reform UK

Higgins, Tony LAB

Thompson, Daniel CON

Zaman, Sagheer LAB

Grappenhall - 2 to be elected

Browne, Mark LD

Caldow, Michael GREEN

Cundy, Dave LAB

Freeman, Andrew CON

Freeman, Joanne CON

Speed   Helen    LD

Great Sankey North and Whittle Hall - 3 to be elected

Cameron, Marcus, LAB

Catlow, Nigel John          Independent    

Davies,  Stephanie           GREEN

Groom, Julie CON

Henshaw, Janet LAB

Kuong-Kwan, Chi CON

Mitchell, Brodie CON

Patel, Hitesh LAB

Great Sankey South - 3 to be elected

Dolan, Moria CON

Hussain, Leah LAB

Hussain, Mo LAB

Lovegrove, Caleb Michael            CON

Pennington, Andrew David          CON

Smith, Roy LD

Tobin, Anthony James    LD

Watson Laura    LAB

Latchford East - 2 to be elected

Allan, Heather CON

Duncan, Vicki LD

Mundry Hans LAB

Mundry, Karen LAB

Olsen,   Carl Andrew, CON

Latchford West - 2 to be elected

Jordan, Tim LD

Matthews, Denis LAB

McLaughlin, Maureen LAB

Taylor, Stephen CON

Turner. Marc CON

Lymm North and Thelwall - 3 to be elected

Farrington, Sue CON

Higginson, Calum CON

Hignett Bob LD

Johnson, Wendy LD

Marks, Ian LD

Milner  Helen, LAB

Pemberton, Carole CON

Lymm South - 2 to be elected

Ford, Phillip Martin    CON

Frith, Sara       LAB

Gowland, Graham Farrington         LD

Pemberton,  Ian         CON

Stuttard, Luke William      LD

Orford - 3 to be elected

Appleton, Dave   LAB

Bent,  David CON

Frith, Robin Michael David LAB

Kilgannon, Carol  Independent

Nicholls, Trevor   Reform UK

Russon, Emily LAB

Penketh and Cuerdley - 3 to be elected

Barnard, Jacob    LAB

Barr Katie LD

Baxter CON

Eriobuna, Chuck CON

Fellows,   Geoff Independent  

Gallagher,  Brian     LAB

Heaver, Andy Independent   

Lenihan, Craig Independent    

McManus, Martin Paul  LAB

Peters, Eunice  Independent 

Wilkinson, Paula    CON

Wych, Christine   Independent   

Poplars and Hulme - 3 to be elected

Cornwell, Dennis James    Reform UK       

Kerr-Brown,  John   LAB

Muir,  Anthony Douglas  CON

Southern, Gemma LAB

Sudworth,  Nathan LAB

Poulton North - 3 to be elected

Emery, Sue    LAB

Friend   Graham LAB

Gillham Una Bernadette LAB

Millington,    Michael CON

Poulton South - 2 to be elected

Jones,  Andrew David CON

Knowles,          Rebecca LAB

Rydzkowski,  Stephen John  LAB

Rixton and Woolston - 3 to be elected

Cooksey,  Hilary  LAB

Eastty, Phil   Independent   

Klein, Howard Martin CON

Rushby Gary CON

Sheridan, Lawrence  LAB

Siddall, Geoffrey             Reform UK         

Tynan, Rob CON

Varghese, Sheejo  LAB

Wild,    Karen Green Party 

Stockton Heath - 2 to be elected

Harris, Sharon  LD

Murphy Laurence LAB

Olsen, Lyndsey Jane  CON

Sheldon, Seb CON

Wheeler, Judith LD

Westbrook - 2 to be elected

Eglinton, Kate LAB

Ruben,  Gavin CON

Rufus,  Marc Victor  LAB

Where will parish council elections be held?

Only ten wards across the town will see parish council elections.

One in Birchwood for the Gorse Covert area.

One in Culcheth and Glazebury for the Glazebury and Mee Brow area.

Three areas of Great Sankey, south, north and central.

One in Lymm for Lymm South.

One in Poulton and Fearnhead for the Longbarn and Fearnhead area.

One in Rixton and Glazebrook for the Rixton area.

One in Walton for the Higher Walton area.