ANOTHER estate has been thrust into the dispute of Priestley student parking.

A resident on Burgess Avenue has reported that what used to be a ‘quiet’ estate where many elderly homeowners live, has now become the latest hot spot for college students to drop their cars.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has lived on Burgess Avenue for a number of years.

The road joins itself to Gainsborough Road which leads on to Loushers Lane – where Priestley College sits.

Warrington Guardian: Priestley students are reportedly now parking on Burgess AvenuePriestley students are reportedly now parking on Burgess Avenue (Image: Supplied)
The resident has reported a sudden rise in students parking their cars along both sides of the residential avenue in recent weeks following parking restrictions being put in place on The Heath estate opposite the college.

She said: “A few weeks ago, all of a sudden there are all these cars left outside our houses.

“We are bungalows. We have a number of older people. My neighbour has mobility issues, and he always parks outside his house because of that.

“I totally understand that you don’t own outside the home, but it has become a problem.

“The cars are parking on both sides of Burgess.”

Debates around Priestley student parking began on The Heath estate and had been ongoing for up to a decade, with claims made that students were parking their cars along the estate and blocking driveways in the process.

Warrington Guardian: Students are also reportedly parking on Boswell AvenueStudents are also reportedly parking on Boswell Avenue (Image: Supplied)
The issue came to a head in March when residents demanded something be done.

Owners of the housing development, Bellway, resolved the issue by erecting ‘Private Estate, residents only’ signs to restrict the parking on the estate.

As well as a parking enforcement company being employed to enforce charges and notices to those that ignore the restrictions.

Since then, it has been reported that students have begun using other local residential roads to park on during school hours, due to the parking facilities on the college site not being able to cater for every student that commutes via car.

Warrington Guardian: Priestley College has stated it is looking into creating more space for student parking in the futurePriestley College has stated it is looking into creating more space for student parking in the future (Image: Supplied)

In a previous statement provided by the assistant principal of Priestley, Mark Eccleston, on the ongoing issue, he stated that the college is ‘restricted from providing more car parking on site’ and so will continue to promote the free bus service it provides to students.

He added: “Our priority at Priestley is our students so we are currently looking to secure them some additional car parking near to college.”

Previously, Warrington South MP Andy Carter has liaised with Priestley College following complaints from residents about the volume of students parking on residential estates and not on the college site.

He commented on the latest development in the dispute, saying: “We have a fine line to balance, it’s perfectly legal to park on the highway where there are no restrictions and they’re not blocking driveways; however I am concerned that there appears to be a lack of courtesy to residents and problems with parked cars causing obstructions for emergency vehicles and dustbin lorries.

“As I’ve said before, it’s the council who are the highways authority and can put in place parking restrictions similar to those in other areas of Warrington.

“While I have no direct power to enforce this myself as the MP, I’ll be making sure local councillors hear the views of my constituents in the area and press them to take action.”

Meanwhile a spokesperson from Warrington Borough Council added: “We are happy to work with Priestley College on their travel plan measures.

"We will continue to monitor the situation and if the parking is found to be unsafe or causing an obstruction to other road users we will speak to Cheshire Constabulary.”