EARLIER this month, we published a picture of teachers at Boteler Grammar School in Warrington.

And it inspired plenty of memories from readers.

George McKie was at the school in the 1960s.

He said: "This was possibly a Masters v Masters day that we had a football match for the pleasure of watching.

"Booing and cheering was the norm for those we liked or didn't, all in good spirits.

"From the photo, standing left wearing glasses was Mr Stobbs, known as killer.

"He taught maths and sports. He soon spotted I disliked football and asked me what sport I was interested in.

"The answer was cycle racing, of which I was a club member.

"There were three others who were also of the same interest, so he said if we got permission from our parents we could go out training in the sports session. I think he may have been convinced when we got kitted out in our club racing clothing.

"Twice over a couple of weeks I was mentioned in the Guardian for my efforts in the "Talking Sport" with Jack Steel column. Third from the right, Mr Thomason, sport and geography.

"Kneeling second left was Mr Howard, Physics (AKA affectionately known as Frankie by pupils but not to his face). Second in from the right with ball, kneeling,  is Mr Oxley.

Mr McKie also sent in a picture from the late 1960s with all the teachers including Mr Jackson, centre.

Bob Timmis,  Secretary to the Boteler Old Boys’ Association, also remembered Mr Oxley.

He said: "I was at the school 1967-1974 and Bill (who had taught there for a couple of years before I arrived, though he left just before I started) returned to the school to teach in about 1968.

"He was a good footballer, and played in Staff v First Eleven matches.

"He also taught at Great Sankey High School after leaving Boteler for the second time in about 1976.

"As a teacher, he was “firm but fair” and we all respected him.

"Until about a year or so ago, he was a regular attender at our annual Old Boys’ Dinner in November."