BABY lambs have been killed by dogs in the latest in a spate of savage attacks on livestock in Cheshire.

Two dogs are believed to have been involved in the incident which happened at around midday on Saturday.

One of the dogs was shot by a farmer trying to protect his stock.

Cheshire Rural Police Team have reiterated their warning to owners to keep dogs on leads around livestock.

Posting on social media, PC Jim Clark said: “Yet again another livestock attack has occurred near Macclesfield.

“Around midday on Saturday, on land between Alderley Edge and Mottram St Andrew, a number of baby lambs were subject to attack and killed.

“Are you missing your dog? Somebody is, sadly it has been shot by a farmer protecting his stock during an ongoing attack.

“It is believed two dogs were involved.

“No owner, no microchip.”

The fatal attack comes a week after a Knutsford woman was hit with a £1,200 court bill after her dog killed a sheep pregnant with two lambs.

PC Clark added: “If you are deemed to be in control of a dog then please ensure you have the strength to restraint the dog, a suitable lead or restraint method and if the inevitable occurs then the ability to be able to recall your dog.

“Regular followers of Cheshire Rural Police Team will see just how many attacks are being reported, sadly these are occurring on a frighteningly regular basis.”