THE Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto for the Warrington Borough Council election on May 2.

The headline of it is ‘One Warrington – a fairer deal for all’.

Cllr Ian Marks, the chair of the council Liberal Democrat group, said: “We are standing on a platform of five main points.

“Firstly, we want to promote Warrington as a prosperous and growing town with a vibrant town centre to attract local people and visitors. This will be helped by low-cost, frequent reliable and clean public transport.

“Secondly, our town should be one with a caring culture with reduced inequalities between different parts of the borough. We need well-designed and affordable homes for all with improved co-operation between health and social care.

“Thirdly, there must be neighbourhoods and amenities to support new homes with physical infrastructure, such as roads, built at the same time as these new homes, not afterwards. There should be a greater emphasis on road repairs, filling potholes and fewer blocked gullies.

“Fourthly, we need a greener environment with more measures to combat climate change. There should be more recycling and clarity about what can be recycled. Air quality must be improved, assisted by increased cycling and walking.

“Finally, we must find more transparent ways to generate income and manage risk at the same time as lobbying government for more funding to safeguard vital services. There is scope for greater collaboration between Warrington Council and parish and town councils.”