A DARESBURY mum, who has just welcomed her fourth child into the world, has praised the “amazing” midwife team at Warrington Hospital, thanking them for all their support during her pregnancy and the birth of baby Cillian.

Jessica Carlson gave birth to Cillian Luke Carlson at 1:56am on Tuesday, March 19 with the new arrival weighing 8lb 3oz.

Cillian Luke Carlson was born in the Nest at Warrington Hospital on March 19

Cillian Luke Carlson was born in the Nest at Warrington Hospital on March 19

Jessica and husband Luke have three older children – Orlaith, aged 10, seven-year-old Mila and Solomon, who is 21 months.

Thirty-five-year-old Jessica had a traumatic labour and an emergency caesarean with Solomon less than two years ago and she was keen to have the birth she’d always envisioned with her 4th baby – a water birth in a calm and relaxing environment.

The Nest at Warrington Hospital was the perfect place to welcome Cillian into the world.

Jessica said: “Having had a traumatic experience 21 months ago, there was still some mental trauma to overcome.

“My experience with Cillian has totally healed these past traumas and I feel tremendously grateful for how the labour and birth went, thanks to the amazing midwife team at Warrington Hospital.

“From my first visit to the hospital when I was pregnant with Cillian through to the birth I was under the care of Team Lunar and this has been a positive experience throughout.

“From my booking appointment, general appointments and the care received during labour and birth, I always felt I was treated with the utmost respect, care and compassion.

“With this pregnancy, I felt a sense of empowerment that I was able to choose the birth I wanted and welcoming our son into the world was a magical experience that I won't forget.”

The birth banished past birthing traumas for Jessica

The birth banished past birthing traumas for Jessica

Jessica’s labour started in the early hours of Monday, March 18 and Cillian arrived in the early hours of Tuesday, March 19 – two days after his due date.

Jessica said: “The Nest is a beautiful and calm space with lots to offer to a labouring mother.

“I felt peaceful giving birth in the water surrounded by my husband Luke and midwife Karyn Lowe, who is just incredible.

“She really listened to what type of birth I wanted during my pregnancy and advocated for me throughout.

“I had been shown around the Nest a few months prior to giving birth and I was so impressed by the beautiful birthing rooms, all of which had pools, dimming lights, spacious beds, bathroom facilities and a home from home environment, which really appealed to .

“I wanted to have my baby there!

“I am so grateful for all the staff at Warrington Hospital who looked after me and my son and I cannot thank them enough for the positive experience I can now cherish.

“The care from Team Lunar has been nothing but impeccable.”

Jessica was able to enjoy a calm water birth

Jessica was able to enjoy a calm water birth

She added: “Cillian is settling into family life really well – he is such a lovely and very chilled baby even when his siblings are being noisy.

“We think he must have got used to the noise while I was pregnant!”