WORK to create an eye-catching art piece of a Warrington Wolves legend is due to begin imminently.

As previously reported, plans have been given the green light to paint a mural of Paul Cullen during the final game at Wilderspool on the side of The Kings Head pub.

Permission was required from Warrington Borough Council due to the pub, a stone’s throw from the Halliwell Jones Stadium, being a Grade II-listed building.

Paul Cullen has thrown his backing to the project, speaking to the Warrington Guardian of his pride over being the subject.

The artist behind the project, who wished to be referred to as Pinkeye99, confirmed that, weather dependant, work will begin on or around Monday, when a cherry picker arrives and a symbolic year since the idea was conceived.

Preparatory work has already started, with the side of the wall being given a base coat.

“I'm eagerly anticipating painting the mural. It never ceases to amaze me what can be created with just a tin of paint,” he said.

“I conceived the idea while walking to the pub on the evening of 14 last year, before the Wolves vs Wigan game.

The proposed site of the mural on the side of The Kings Head pub. Picture: Google Maps

The proposed site of the mural on the side of The Kings Head pub. Picture: Google Maps

“Seeing the bare wall on the side of The Kings Head, which serves as a hub for Warrington fans on matchdays, it was clear to me that it needed a mural to make it interesting and showcase the sporting heritage of the town.

“It is truly an honour to paint the mural. While some may initially associate it with Paul Cullen, it delves deeper than that.

“Capturing 110 years of Wilderspool's history would be challenging, so I opted to portray a fleeting moment of its greatness.

“Wilderspool witnessed countless remarkable games, and I have fond memories of watching The Wire play there, boy and man, rain or shine.

“Paul, a born and bred Warringtonian, epitomised the spirit of a warrior on the pitch, and also and later as a coach.

“It is serendipitous that he was at the helm on that sunny day when securing our Super League status meant everything, as we prepared to move to the new stadium just a stone's throw away from the mural.”

The artist believes the location for the mural is ‘perfect’, with it being highly visible from the train journey between Liverpool and Manchester.

“As you exit the station, Paul's salute to the Warrington Faithful catches your eye instantly,” he continued.

Paul Cullen at Wilderspool at the final game there

Paul Cullen at Wilderspool at the final game there

“With the completion of the new apartment building across the road, the area finally shows signs of life and activity.

“Urban murals can help to transform areas into vibrant places, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area and allowing artists to express their creativity, ideas and cultural heritage.

“Well-executed street art can attract tourists, boosting local businesses and the economy.

“It can also have an emotional impact and evoke emotions and provoke thought.

“When I will be looking back at the mural, it will take me back to that last day at Wilderspool for sure.”

It has previously been confirmed that more art projects are planned for the future, with work ongoing to secure sites and permission.

To see updates on the Paul Cullen mural, visit the Pinkeye99 page on Facebook.