A BROTHER and sister from Penketh have raised a staggering £9,545 for Teenage Cancer Trust ahead of taking on the London Marathon – and are now in the top 1 per cent of fundraisers for the event.

Alex and Erin Tinsley, 25 and 23, started running after lockdown as a way of getting fitter and spending time together after Alex moved out of the family home.

The pair run together every week and last year they took on the Manchester Marathon which inspired them to try and tackle the London Marathon.

Alex, who works at Aldi in Stockton Heath, was given two places to participate in the marathon by Aldi after the siblings were unsuccessful in the events ticket draw.

As part of the deal, Alex was set the challenge by Aldi to raise £4,000 for the company’s charity partner for 2024, Teenage Cancer Trust.

“I knew full well we’d raise it, because no matter how much work you put in you’re always going to get out what you put in,” said Alex

“So, I was straight away thinking about what we could do.”

Alex and Erin, along with their partners and family, decided to plan and host a charity fundraiser and auction.

They sent out more than 500 emails to different sports teams, clubs, and players to try and get signed shirts or tickets to have at the fundraiser and auction to attendees.

“I emailed everyone in the premier league, the Australian rugby league, NFL, basketball teams – anyone you could genuinely think of,” said Alex.

In total they received 67 items for their raffle and 35 items for the auction, all of which were generously donated.

“As late as five o’clock on the evening we were still receiving things,” said Chris, Alex and Erin’s dad.

“Stuff was just coming and coming. It was just mad, we were buzzing.”

Warrington Guardian: The fundraiser included 102 items that were generously donatedThe fundraiser included 102 items that were generously donated (Image: Chris Tinsley)

Before the fundraiser on March 16, Erin felt nerves kick in and was initially daunted by the huge task set by Aldi.

“I think I’d built up the nerves, and I don’t normally get like that, but I was really anxious because I knew we had to raise so much money,” said Erin.

“I was saying before it that if we just get a pound for things, it’s still better than nothing.”

But the family, who were originally hoping for 80 people to attend, were blown away when 163 people showed up to The Conny Club in Penketh to support them.

In total, the auction and raffle raised a whopping £6,894.58 on the night, with the most expensive item, tickets for four ball golf at a top UK course, going for £500.

“It was so overwhelming – we never ever cry and at the start I knew I was going to cry, I could see it coming,” said Alex

“I looked around the room at one point and thought everyone here, yeah its for the auction, but realistically they were here for me and Erin.

“It was a mad wave of support.”

The siblings will take on the London Marathon on Sunday, April 21 and will be cheered on by their parents, Chris and Lyn, as well as nine other friends and family members.

“To say Lyn and I are so proud of the efforts they have put in to raise this significant amount for such a fantastic cause is an understatement,” said Chris.

“I tell them all the time not all heroes wear capes.”

To donate to Alex and Erin’s fundraiser, click here.