AN animal charity in the town says a dog in its care may need its leg amputating.

Warrington Animal Welfare, based on Slutchers Lane near the town centre, took in 13-year-old Cleo after she was abandoned.

Her owners left her after moving home, despite the dog needing veterinary care ‘desperately’.

Cleo has a large tumour, and due to its location and size, a vet has suggested that she may need her leg amputated.

The Warrington Animal Welfare team said: “Easter doesn’t mean rescue takes a break.

“Meet our most recent rescue, the beautiful Cleo, who at 13 years old found herself abandoned home alone by her owner, the person she trusted most in the world.

“Cleo’s owners just walked away from their home, leaving her alone, telling the shocked neighbour they were not coming back and were not taking Cleo, who you can see was in desperate need of veterinary care.

“The kind neighbour made sure that Cleo was fed and watered while they sought help.

“Turned away or ignored by larger national charities, the neighbour contacted Warrington Animal Welfare and within an hour Cleo was safely in our care.

“Checks were done to try and locate the owner and the case has been reported to the relevant authorities.

“Despite this, Cleo is the most affectionate and wonderful girl, and everyone who has met her immediately falls in love with her.

“No matter what, we will do our best to help this amazing, trusting dog, who is now getting lots of cuddles in her foster home.

“So, please keep Cleo in your thoughts and we will keep you informed on how she gets on.”