AN inspiring man will be holding fundraising events across the country on his birthday in support of Lymphoma Action – after he was diagnosed with cancer last year.

Alister Cook, from Higher Whitley, will celebrate his birthday in a unique way by throwing fundraising events across the country in eight different care homes.

The 62-year-old, also known as the ‘Cheshire Jam Man’, started fundraising for Lymphoma Action in 2023 after he was diagnosed with the type of blood cancer.

“I discovered I had follicular lymphoma by chance following a routine prostate check,” said Alister.

“It’s one of the less aggressive cancers but I still needed treatment with a mixture of chemotherapy and immunotherapy.”

Lymphoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, with more than 20,000 new cases being identified each year.

Alister is now in remission but continues to support the charity that provided information and support after his diagnosis.

“The big thing about my diagnosis was the mental effect of it,” said Alister.

“That’s where I felt Lymphoma Action came in – I wasn’t really aware of the condition, or its seriousness or even what the signs were.”

Lymphoma Action offers a range of support including online support groups and helpline services.

Alister has so far raised £2,000 for Lymphoma Action by asking people to donate in exchange for jars of his homemade jam.

On Saturday, April 6, Alister will be holding multiple fundraising events in eight different care homes across the country.

Each one will celebrate Alister’s 63rd birthday with a tea party for residents and families, alongside other activities including raffles, live entertainment, and cake competitions.

“My prognosis has always been positive, but coming to terms with living with the condition has been my hardest challenge and the information and support the charity offers is so helpful,” said Alister.

“It’s vital to speak or listen to others who have been on a similar journey, and that’s why I support the charity and will continue to do so.”

Symptoms of lymphoma include a lump in the neck, armpit or groin, feeling worn-out for no reason, unexplained weight loss, excessive sweating at night or constant itching for no reason.

If you are concerned that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, visit your GP.