CONCERNS have been raised regarding attendees at an upcoming Warrington festival using a crematorium car park.

The Gloworm Festival, arranged for June at Walton Hall and Gardens, promises to be a fun family festival with a diverse array of performances for all ages.

However, residents have raised concerns regarding the availability of parking for visitors to nearby Walton Lea Crematorium.

One said: “While I am not a kill-joy and welcome any entertainment for people to enjoy, it does fill me with dread.

“As a regular visitor to Walton Lea Crematorium to lay flowers for my loved ones, I find it very insensitive that the car park is used as an overflow for visitors to the gardens, sometimes even when there are clearly spaces left for the event.

“It is very upsetting when you wish to pay respect to your loved ones, firstly to find there is nowhere to park, and secondly having to push your way past unruly disrespectful crowds of people on the footpaths.”

There are also concerns from residents about the Crematorium car park being ‘abused’ by members of the public.

A resident said: “Crematorium parking rules are also being abused by some.

“The extension to the car park is often full of cars on a nice day, I presume by those that are dodging the parking fee, as there are no other people laying flowers.”

Warrington Borough Council has commented on the issues, with a spokesman stating: “We can confirm that a booking has been accepted to host the Gloworm Festival on Sunday, June 23.

“As part of the promoter’s plans and event organisation, an approved traffic management plan will be in place to support the event. This will include additional parking off site for visitors.

“During previous events, it has been necessary on occasions to access the overflow car park of the crematorium to manage the volume of traffic.

“However, when this has been necessary, we have ensured the main crematorium car park by the A56 has remained protected for the sole use of crematorium visitors.”