A DOG school in Rixton has been shortlisted as a finalist for an award at the Animal Star Awards in November.

Rixton Dog school, which offers a range of dog training, has been shortlisted for the Dog Trainer/Behaviourist of the Year award.

Debra Adderley and Sue Palmer-Tarburton were shortlisted as finalists for the award out of more than 700 nominations.

“Being nominated was amazing but then being shortlisted as a finalist is truly wonderful,” said Debra.

“I thank Carol for founding the school and believing in me – and Sue for being an awesome friend, dog mum and irreplaceable part of Rixton.”

The dog school, which was founded by Carol Richardson, offers training in agility, scent work and even puppy classes.

Debra took over from Carol as head trainer and behaviourist in 2016, and Rixton Dog School is now so popular that there’s a five to six month waiting list to attend classes.

The school accept all dogs, including XL Bullys that have all the correct paperwork - and even offer one on one classes.

The Animal Star Awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, November 9 and will celebrate the work of animals and humans alike.