READERS have been reminiscing about The Kingsway pub which was described as a community hub in Latchford.

The Kingsway Pub closed in the 1990s and was demolished.

The land was later turned into flats.

Yet it still holds a place in the heart for many as proved when we shared a picture from our archives recently.

Here are some of your memories of the place.

Awww so many memories! Those flats still look odd when passing through. Plenty of summers days spent in the car park, walking days, bonfire nights when you could actually have a bonfire.

Kirsty Fenton

Worked there for 11 years, was made redundant when they closed it down. Such a beautiful building such a shame to see it go.

Caroline Dack

My dad Jimmy Cox was relief manager in the 70s when Cyril Spillard was landlord. I remember in 76 when it was a really hot summer Latchford nearly drank the pub dry.

Michelle Gilbody

Loved it, was like a community centre.

Tracy Birchall

Me and my friend lived in Lymm but Friday nights, Latchford was our local always in Kingsway. Great times.

Beryl Ashall

A firm regular for me and my family for many years . Still a very much missed local pub . Head full of memories from this place

Carrie-ann Rowland

Used to go in there for a lunch time pint after going chippy for 30 painters and plumbers. When I worked at Westy when it was being upgraded in the 70s.

John Henley