A SERIAL offender who was previously involved in a hit-and-run crash that left a child severely injured in the road has been hauled back to court.

Barclay Redford was a passenger in a car that hit a teenage pedestrian as he crossed the road, causing serious brain injuries, multiple bone fractures and a collapsed lung.

Both he and the driver had spent the evening drinking vodka and inhaling nitrous oxide, with the vehicle not stopping at the scene.

Now, 20-year-old Redford has admitted fresh driving offences in relation to a separate incident committed this month.

He was arrested on Monday following a burglary at an address on Station Road North in Fearnhead that occurred on Thursday, March 21.

Redford, of Banks Crescent in Latchford, has since been charged with burglary, two counts of theft of a motor vehicle and two counts of fraud.

He has also been charged with driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence, dangerous driving, driving without insurance, failing to stop and three counts of shoplifting.

The driving offences relate to an incident involving a Citroen car which occurred last Tuesday, March 19, on Padgate Lane.

Redford appeared before Chester Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Tuesday, where he pleaded guilty to all charges.

Magistrates remanded him in custody, with the defendant next set to appear before Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday, April 23, to be sentenced.

The court in December 2021 remarked that Redford has an ‘appallingly’ large number of previous convictions for someone of his age.

This has increased since then, including the incident previously referred to that occurred in October 2021.

Redford and his co-defendant had been drinking and inhaling nitrous oxide before leaving their address to buy more of the latter, with Redford in the passenger seat.

As the 18-year-old victim crossed the road with his 12-year-old brother, the former was hit by a speeding car on the wrong side of the road.

The damaged car did not stop and was found abandoned later, with both defendants fleeing.

The victim was taken to hospital with serious, life-changing injuries that included a bleed on the brain, multiple head and rib fractures and a collapsed lung.

Redford was locked up for 10 months in a young offender institution, while the driver of the car received 44 months in prison.