A WARRINGTON born composer is so inspired by the town that he creates and names some of his pieces after places in the local area.

Lewis Gill, 55, was a progressive rock guitarist for 30 years in various bands including Cheeky Atom, before he decided to switch to composing six months ago.

The Latchford based composer has lived in Warrington his whole life and has been so inspired by the town he now names some of his work after places in the local area.

“Your surroundings sort of get into your DNA in a way and I think whatever I do musically will always reflect Warrington and being inspired by it,” said Lewis.

“It’s so deeply ingrained in my mind.”

Lewis posts his pieces on YouTube and currently has 33 videos on his page – a lot of which are named after various locations in the Warrington area including Lymm and Sankey Valley.

“I love Warrington and I like the idea of it being put on the map, so I thought why not write a piece of music and name it after a place I’ve spent a lot of time in and been inspired by,” said Lewis.