A MAN seeking asylum in Warrington faced the courts after becoming involved in fist fight with another man outside Reef nightclub.

Karon Saban was caught on CCTV attempting to throw kicks and repeatedly punching a man during a physical fight outside the popular Warrington club back in December last year.

Joseph Kindley, prosecuting, told Warrington Magistrates Court last Tuesday that the incident took place on December 10, 2023.

He said: “It was early hours of the morning outside Reef night club in Warrington. There appears to be a verbal altercation between two males, one being the defendant.

“Members of the public split them multiple times. The defendant walks away from the other male and appears to be stood outside Reef night club.

“At that point the other man approaches the defendant again and it escalates into violence.”

CCTV footage shown to the court shows the defendant, wearing a white jacket, and the other man pushing one another outside of the club before the pair begin to throw punches.

At one point Saban, of Haton Brook Avenue, Runcorn, was dragged away from the conflict but then it began again with him jumping around the other male and throwing high kicks.

Defending Saban, David Rob explained that his client is seeking asylum in the UK having been originally from Syria.

“He has been a refugee in Iraq for ten years. He came to the UK 10 months ago,” he said.

Circling back to the facts of the case, Mr Rob said: “The reason the defendant was outside the night club was because the other male had approached him inside the club and struck him.

“The door man threw the pair out.”

He continues to tell the court how the 22-year-old begins to walk away from a verbal altercation between himself and the male but ‘the man was not having that and persevered after him’.

“He did a good job of fighting the other man off and making him look a fool, until he slipped,” Mr Rob said.

Conveniently, two police officers were parked within ear shot of the incident and the defence barrister told how his client went and approached both following the fight and handed himself in.

He was arrested and charged the same night with use of threatening behaviour which he pleaded guilty for at the first court appearance.

Sentencing Saban, chair of the bench, Ian Johnstone said: “It is the view from all three magistrates that throughout this confrontation, you tried to avoid this confrontation.”

He handed the defendant a conditional discharge, meaning that if he commits an offence within the next 12 months he will be brought back to the courts and will be sentenced for the offence.

Mr Johnstone added: “You need to behave yourself. Walk further away from trouble.”