ONE of the most popular events in the diary of Lymm takes place next weekend.

Lymm Duck Race returns on Monday, April 1.

At 12.30pm, 1,000 yellow ducks are thrown into the lower dam with prizes for the winning ones.

A variety of stalls, food stalls and rides will be open from 10.30am in Lymm village centre.

There will be fairground rides, plus a range of charities and community groups will be there too.

Organised by Lymm and District Round Table, the rules are simple.

You buy a ticket for £2 and you’ll get a duck number.

Organisers launch 1,000 plastic ducks down The Dingle in Lymm village (and catch all the ducks after the finish line). If your duck number comes first you get £150, second place gets £75, and third place gets £50.