POLICE are warning residents of a Warrington village not to fall for a scam which is again doing the rounds.

Cheshire Police says it has received a number of reports in Lymm of residents being approached by men on their doorstep.

The men claim to be part of a prison rehabilitation scheme – but this does not exist and is a scam.

Anyone who encounters such an incident is urged to report it to the police.

The force’s Lymm Police team said: “Unfortunately, we have received multiple reports of men knocking on doors in Lymm trying to sell cloths and cleaning products on the doorstep, claiming to be from the prison rehabilitation scheme

“We continue to advise that there is no such scheme, and that these men are operating illegally as they require a pedlar’s certificate, which they do not have.

“Despite multiple patrols around the area and locations mentioned, we have not been able to speak to them.

“For future reference, if these men knock on your door, do not buy anything and ask them to leave.

“If they become aggressive or refuse to leave, then call us via 101 or 999.

“We also do still provide ‘no cold callers’ stickers to place in your doors, which we will be offering to residents who called and at our PCSO surgeries.”