JENNY Kozyra, of Days Out and Meals Out, reviews the Peaky Blinders Exhibition at Arley Hall and Gardens near Appleton Thorn.

We were invited to Arley Hall and Gardens, where the legendary Peaky Blinders was filmed, as it was transformed once again into Tommy Shelby's 'Arrow House'.

Iconic rooms in the Hall have been dressed how they were for filming, including Tommy's desk and office, pictures and two original costumes - Grace Shelby’s coat, dress and hat and Aunt Polly’s pale pink evening dress.

Warrington Guardian: Tommy Shelby's deskTommy Shelby's desk (Image: Supplied)

For the first time, you will be allowed to take photographs of the rooms as you walk around.

Plenty of people were taking full advantage of this and came fully dressed up and were getting some amazing photos sitting at Tommy's Desk. 

While we were looking around the hall, there was a group of people who looked absolutely amazing.

Not only were they dressed up in all the right clothes, but they actually looked like the characters and were posing for photos with the same mannerisms. They really did look the part. 

If you don't own any clothes suitable, don't worry. There is a rail of men's and women's coats, bags and hats to try on and you are able to walk around the property in them to take some photos. 

Warrington Guardian: The Gallery is dressed for Tommy and Grace's weddingThe Gallery is dressed for Tommy and Grace's wedding (Image: Supplied)

 Tommy's office is definitely the main room we were excited to see with the iconic desk, the whisky decanter he often used and just the feeling of the Shelby family. 

Another room which has been transformed was the Gallery. A long dining table for Tommy and Grace's wedding was fully dressed. This again was fantastic to see.

In the rooms were also large photos of the actors using that space for certain scenes. You could then really compare the two and see what it was like. 

The final room we explored was filled with lots of information about the filming of the show as well as lots of real props. There were letters written to and from Tommy, scripts, and the two elegant dresses worn by Aunt Polly and Grace. 

Once back outside there was also the "Garrison Pub" in the open barn. This was a really cool area and addition to the event.

There was a bar selling beers, Guinness and IPA with traditional snacks suited to Peaky Blinders, like pickled eggs, pork pies and pork scratchings.

It was decorated in keeping with the Peaky Blinders Exhibition and with people dressed up sat at the tables it looked great. 

There is plenty of memorabilia to buy both in the Hall and in the gift shop when you leave including shirts, mugs, whisky glasses and pictures. 

If you're a fan of Peaky Blinders, then it is worth coming along to see this unique experience. 

Warrington Guardian: Props on display include Tommy Shelby's whisky decanter Props on display include Tommy Shelby's whisky decanter (Image: Supplied)

The Peaky Blinders Exhibition is open from 10am to 4pm and runs until Monday (March 18).

Tickets, which include entry to the Gardens, are £30 for adults, £10 for children aged four to 16, or £75 for a family.

Anyone with an Arley Hall annual pass can upgrade it to visit the exhibition.