TWO revellers were caught by a clever police dog smuggling drugs into Creamfields stashed inside cans of Strongbow.

James Jones and Andrew Rankin were caught when they tried to enter the Daresbury music festival at 3pm on August 25, 2022.

The pair – both now aged 25 and of Dundee in Scotland – were then stopped due to a positive indication by a drugs dog.

They told the dog handler that they were carrying drugs into the festival for another person, but that they did not know what the drugs were.

Further inspection recovered the illicit substances from a crate of cider, with five Strongbow Dark Fruit cans tampered with to conceal drugs.

Jones, of Arklay Street, and Rankin, of Wishhart Place, were subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply drugs.

James Jones and Andrew Rankin were jailed

James Jones and Andrew Rankin were jailed

Enquiries and testing of the substances was carried out, with experts able to determine they consisted of MDMA – more commonly known as ecstasy – and ketamine.

The drugs recovered had an estimated street value of more than £13,000.

Jones and Rankin were both charged with possession with intent to supply MDMA and ketamine, to which they pleaded guilty.

Appearing before Chester Crown Court yesterday, Tuesday, they were each sentenced to three years in prison.

The outcome was welcomed by DC Neil Fleming, of Cheshire Police, who said: “I hope these sentences send a stark warning to those who think they can travel to Cheshire and commit these types of offences – you will be prosecuted and held accountable for your actions.

Drugs were concealed within cans of Strongbow Dark Fruit

Drugs were concealed within cans of Strongbow Dark Fruit

“Jones and Rankin would have had multiple opportunities to re-think what they were doing.

“Amnesty bins were in place at entrance points of the site for prohibited items, but despite this, they still continued in their efforts to smuggle in harmful and illegal drugs.

“The festival is a huge operation, and Cheshire Police works with event organisers and security staff in a bid to prevent illegal drugs getting into the site.

“Be under no illusion – while a large majority of Creamfields festivalgoers are respectful, those smuggling drugs into the event will be charged and dealt with by the courts.

“Do not make this mistake.”