A WARRINGTON animal charity is looking for a new home for an incredibly rare ‘werewolf’ cat.

Cats Protection Warrington, an adoption centre on Elizabeth Drive, posted about a Lykoi cat still being up for adoption.

The Lykoi, named Fern, is incredibly rare, with some estimates suggesting there is only between 100-200 in the entire world.

The breed’s name is derived from the Greek word for wolves, known colloquially as ‘werewolf cats’.

They are known for their distinctive appearances, being a hybrid between hairless and haired cats.

Fern was given up as their previous owner was going into care, and the centre is looking for a quiet home without pets or children.

They posted a video of Fern, saying: “Fern is still looking for her forever home

“We have had a few messages regarding her fur, and we happy to confirm she does not have any skin issues.

“Her fur pattern is due to her breed, known as a Lykoi, which are semi-furred.

“If you'd like to know anything more, please do get in touch!”

 The centre has an adoption fee of £85.

Purina said the following regarding a Lykoi’s general personality: “Like other foreign type cats, the Lykoi is intelligent and active, vocal and willing to express their opinion, at volume if necessary.

“They enjoy interacting with people and other cats, enjoy interactive play and puzzle solving, and if given enough to do, will also relax and laze like less exotic cats.

“As a breed they are inquisitive, curious and great problem solvers.

“The Lykoi is generally an extremely energetic cat, who loves to stay active, however, at the end of a busy day the Lykoi loves nothing more than to cuddle up with it’s humans and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.”