WITH Warrington seemingly in gridlock every day, we have taken data and used it to figure out the six busiest roads in Warrington.

The set up of the town centre means that it feels like anytime there is one crash – the entire town’s roads shut down.

This shows itself in the data, with five of the six busiest roads in Warrington being busier than the national average.

As well as this, the busiest road is nearly a full 100% above the average time.

The busiest road in Warrington in 2023 year was Knutsford Road (A5061). This is based on government data which measures the seconds per vehicle per mile for A roads managed by local authorities.

With Knutsford Road being a town centre road featuring a school on the road, it is no surprise it is one of the busiest roads in the town.

The A5061 takes a whopping 70 seconds per vehicle per mile, with the next highest being 55.5, and the average is around 40 seconds.

The six busiest A roads in Warrington are:

  • Knutsford Road (A5061): 70 seconds
  • Winwick Road (A49):  55.5 seconds
  • Orford Road (A50): 53.4 seconds
  • Chester Road (A5060): 52.9 seconds
  • Warburton Lane (A6144): 41.1 seconds
  • Warrington Road (A573): 39.3 seconds

The data also shows the average speed drivers travelled along local 'A' roads, with the national average falling to 23 miles per hour last year, the lowest figure since before the pandemic.

In Warrington, motorists averaged 22.2 mph – down from 22.3 in 2019.

A Department for Transport spokesperson said: "This Government backs drivers, which is why we’re getting on with our plan to invest over £24 billion into our roads to reduce congestion, improve road safety and grow the economy.

"As well as investing more into new and improved roads, we have a plan for drivers to slam the brakes on anti-driver measures and help keep our country moving."