For the past three years, Freedom Fibre has been building its full-fibre network in the towns of Stockton Heath and Culcheth, to provide affordable full-fibre broadband to homes and businesses in the area. As it stands, approximately 15,000 homes in these areas now have access to the UK’s fastest and most reliable broadband network*. 

For residents of Stockton Heath and Culcheth, Freedom Fibre’s full-fibre network will help support an increase in the economic output of these areas and add millions of pounds in economic value**. With a broadband network that is 10 times faster and 5 times more reliable* than the legacy copper network, households can benefit from broadband speeds of up to 1000Mb/s, supporting working from home, gaming, and streaming on multiple devices. 

Furthermore, research indicates that access to a full-fibre broadband connection can augment a property's value by up to £5000^. Additionally, working from home, made more feasible and efficient by the implementation of a full-fibre broadband network, can save the average UK worker up to £500 per monthᶧ. Although the installation of the infrastructure may cause a brief period of disruption, the long-term benefits for residents are substantial.

In addition, homes and businesses have access to a choice of several different internet service providers on the Freedom Fibre network, including TalkTalk, Squirrel Internet, IP River, and Fusion Fibre Group. These service providers all offer different packages at different price points, ensuring that full-fibre broadband is accessible to everyone, no matter their bandwidth needs. 

Residents of Culcheth and Stockton Heath who are interested in experiencing the Freedom Fibre difference and supercharging their connectivity can register their interest at 

*based on data from Ofcom report 2018 and 2020
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^ Haart, Broadband and property prices, 2023
ᶧFenton, A, Office workers save £500 a month by working from home