AN elderly pensioner has been woken ‘confused and distressed’ frequently by banging sounds in the early hours of the morning after a social housing company turned the neighbouring property into a temporary site office for building contractors.

The 78-year-old’s family have spoken out, raising concerns about the ‘long term impact on her health’ as a result of the current situation.

The lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, has lived at the Torus-owned property on Trefoil Close in Birchwood for many years, her daughter Angela Hendry explained.

And both her home and the houses surrounding her have been social housing allocated to elderly and disabled residents in Warrington – or so they thought.

Speaking on when her mum’s living situation began to change, Angela said: “Last year, when her neighbours passed, she was very upset and felt vulnerable and scared, as the property was empty.

“She was hopeful that new neighbours would soon be moving in, as so many people she knows are waiting for such properties.”

Ms Hendry said without any notice, the bungalow became occupied as what they thought was a business, which was still vacant throughout the night.

This has now been confirmed by Your Housing to be a temporary site office for one of their contractors who is carrying out works on some of the social housing properties within the area.

However, the change has had a concerning effect on the elderly resident, Angela reported, saying ‘the noise from the property is not acceptable in a residential area’.

“She is frequently, woken from 6am with banging sounds of heavy equipment, being loaded and unloaded back and to from vans and lorries throughout the day.

“Being elderly, she wakes confused and distressed, I am often called to calm her and reassure her, but the long-term impact on her health is not good,” she said.

As well as concerns for her mother’s health, Angela also highlighted how the property should not be utilised in such a way when so many people are on a waiting list for social housing and would benefit from such a home.

“I do believe in this climate of homeless and helplessness that such a property should not be utilised this way.”

Commenting on the issues raised by the elderly resident’s family member, Aaron Hammersley, head of Your Housing Group said: “We are sorry to hear of the distress of our resident due to the use of the home next door, and this is something we were not aware of as we had not received any prior complaints.

“The home is not being used as a business, but as a temporary site office for our contractor, who is carrying out improvement works to Your Housing Group homes in the area, but we sincerely apologise that this was not made clear in this case.”

Mr Hammersley explained that the property had taken occupancy as a temporary sit office since approximately September/October last year and that the contractors will continue to work there until the end of April at which point the property will return as a residential home.

He added: “We are contacting the family to apologise, and we have set new parameters for the use of the site office until work is complete.

“The home should only be in use from 8.30am until 4.30pm, and while there is no reason for any banging, we will speak to everyone and ask them to be mindful of this feedback, and that they be more conscious of noise."

In response to the confirmation given by the housing company of what the home is currently being used for, Ms Hendry said: “It's been almost a year that the property hasn't been used as a home for someone, which I find difficult to swallow, when there are not enough social houses available.

“I do hope this comes to an end soon. It is a really bad decision by 'Your Housing' to set up an office there, it is totally unsuitable.

“Surely they have office facilities in their portfolio, that do not impact residents, or potential residents.”