This week we are looking back on the good old days at Warrington’s Carlton Club.

The buzzing night spot has stirred up a lot of memories for those who danced the night away between the 60s and 90s.

We asked readers to share their highlights and below are some of our favourites.

Sue Fox said: “I remember dancing all night to brilliant DJs and a superb dancer nicknamed Booper. We barely stopped for a drink.

“I watched Ben E. King live on Sunday night. The place was always rammed. The 70s was the best era for dancing and soul music.”

Alison Ryan agreed it was always a ‘top time’ on Sunday nights.

Warrington Guardian:

She said: “A massive R&B night – people came from all over the country. It was a smart clothes-only place and you went in through a little black door sandwiched between two shops and up some stairs.

“There was a little window where you checked your coat in.

“The DJ was called Kev Edwards and mostly dance music was played which regulars called ‘the tunes’.

“You got a list of the most played tunes and new upcoming music which i still have.

“One night the DJ was talking to a guy who must have been well over 6ft with a cream-coloured suit on and the biggest gold bracelet I’d ever seen.

“His partner was dripping in gold too – a stunning woman.

Warrington Guardian:

“It turned out to be Evander Holyfield, the boxer.

“I didn’t have a clue but loads of people were having photos taken with him. I could go on and on but that’s my favourite memory.”

Gaz Maxwell added: “Sunday nights were all about the soul and funk with DJ Kev Edwards who had Hott Waxx record shop and played the best tunes anywhere in the scene around the north west.

“I had some bad hangovers on a Monday morning but great nights.”

Christine Bradley has fond memories of going from 1982 to when it closed in the late 90s.

She said: “I remember queuing up past Woolworth’s to get in and Jan on the door checking membership cards.

Warrington Guardian:

“Ste Grey on the decks, Luther Vandross and George Benson blaring out.

“It was a time of big hair and high shoes, so many fantastic memories. Some big names played there back in the day.

“It used to be massive for northern soul nights on Thursdays and on Saturdays my fella went there before going to Wigan Casino.

“They’ll never be another Carlton.”

Alan Green met his wife Michelle there. She worked behind the bar serving ‘red witches’.

He said: “I married Michelle in 1988 and we're still rocking together 32 years later. An iconic nightclub with cherished memories.

Warrington Guardian:

“I used to go there frequently during the 80s – mainly the Friday rock night with either Colin or Bob Rock as DJs.

“Derek and Jan were at the helm and were like everyone's surrogate mum and dad.

“My future wife Michelle worked behind the bar, Hefty worked in the cloakroom, Brian and Lappo on the doors.”

Neill Hughes met his partner there too. He went in the 80s and early 90s for the rock and indie nights.

He said: “We played there regularly and had Chris Evans DJ. I met my girlfriend there in ‘92 sand we’re till together now.

“It was history repeating as her mum and dad also met there!”

Warrington Guardian:

Fairfield resident ‘Indie’ Gregg Smart was a DJ at the Carlton in its latter years from 1990 to 1997.

He added: “I met some wonderful people. Some I still see, some have died, some have moved on.

“But it was like a big family – everyone knew everyone and looked out for each other.

“I’m proud to have worked for Derek McCulloch in a venue with such a rich history.

“It’s a shame it closed but as with most things in life they have to come to an end someday.”

Nik Crosby, from Lymm, said: “I used to go in the 90s – the Britpop era. “The walls were sweaty, the floors were sticky but it was THE place to be on a Saturday night.”

The club finally closed in the late 1990s after a licensing wrangle involving an undercover police operation.

Jonathan Parker, from Newton, added: “I had the time of my life there and made lifelong friends. A big part of my life went missing when it closed.”