DO you think Warrington is one of the best places in the country?

Well according to a new survey, the town has been named one of the best locations for resident's wellbeing.

The study, by floral delivery service Flowercard, took into account seven different factors across the UK's biggest cities, including air quality, gyms per 100,000 people and average life expectancy.

These places each offer something a bit different, whether it's the landscape and green spaces, shopping experience or history.

As a result, certain towns and cities may be more desirable places to live than others.

Taking the top spot was Brighton but the highest northern town or city was Warrington in seventh.

Its location, house prices and life expectancy all saw it rate highly.

Warrington Guardian: Parish Church Of St Elphin

A spokesperson for Flowercard explained: “We wanted to investigate how easy it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and look after your wellbeing in different parts of the country.

"Is there a perfect place for making wellness a central part of your life?

“And are there certain places where wellness is that much more difficult to achieve?

"We've looked at seven different factors across the UK’s biggest cities to find out which location is the country’s wellness capital."