DID you know there used to be an aviary at Bank Park in the centre of Warrington?

The enclosures were in place until the 1960s.

And many of you had fond memories of them.

Pete Corroboy said: "I lived in Bewsey Road near the gullet in the 50s and remember spending most of my childhood playing on Bank Park.

"The aviary contained finches, canaries, budgies and parrots.

"There was also separate enclosure with two monkeys in, I think they were macaques.

"We used to feed them nuts through the netting, at the back of it was an ice cream shop with benches to sit out on.

"There was also a drinking fountain and a band stand at the back of the Town Hall but who I remember most was Danny the park keeper who chased us off whenever we got into mischief.

"Happy days."

The aviary was at the back of the Town Hall and the bowling greens and play area were where they are now.

Another reader added: "My friends and I regularly went to Bank Park to play football and a look at the birds and animals while we were there."