A TOWN centre sports bar with a ‘superb reputation’ is for sale in Warrington.

Originally opening in May 2022, Brass Monkey was the first of The Hive’s offerings.

It is described as a sports bar and nightclub as well as a ‘one-stop shop’ for a day and night out.

Brass Monkey, which is located on Cairo Street, is also known for offering a number of games such as pool and shuffleboard.

At the time of its opening, owners told the Warrington Guardian: “We’ve taken a look in the town and what’s working and we wanted to provide somewhere that has everything all under one roof," a spokesperson for the bar said.

“The sports, music and live performances do well for us but we are going to take it down the club route because Warrington’s not really got a dedicated nightclub that can cater for the day trade as well.

“We are going heavy on the sport but when the lights go down the music goes up."

Now, it is listed for sale on Zoopla.

The listing describes the venue as having ‘high value fixtures and fittings throughout’.

It has a ‘large repeat customer base’ and has an annual turnover over £343,034.

It is listed for £460,000. For more information call 0161 9375978.