A HOSPITAL in Warrington has ‘changed the life’ of a man who can now sleep for the first time in years.

Gary Thomas, 56, enjoyed an active lifestyle, taking part in a number of actives from karate, to mountain walking, to extreme sports.

But he sustained an injury to his right knee during his time in the military which led to severe arthritis, leaving him with incredible brain.

This resulted in Gary having two ACL reconstructions which worked for a few years but then eventually the pain started again and intensified over a period of time.

The pain not only affected Gary’s work, but all aspects of his life.

It got to the point where he could no longer take pat in any physical activities and was even unable to sleep properly.

He said: “My mental health was deteriorating rapidly, I couldn’t even straighten my knee at all.”

So he decided to seek medical advice at Spire Cheshire Hospital in Stretton and chose to go ahead with robotic assisted knee replacement (ROSA).

Gary chose this over traditional joint replacement due to the shorter recovery time and level of accuracy for joint implementation.

His goal was to get back to normal life as quickly as possible.

Two months post operation, Gary was able to ‘get his life back’.

He said: “I made the right decision and feel 100 per cent happy with my choice of consultant and choosing ROSA, this was proven by my amazingly quick recovery and gaining 120-degree movement back in my knee with no pain.

“I can sleep for the first time in years, and it has changed my life, my health, my family time and my mental health – I can’t thank Professor Pradhan enough.

“I would recommend him to anyone, especially my loved ones without hesitation.”

Gary has now returned to enjoying the physical activities he once loved.

Talking about his patient’s story, Professor Pradhan said: “Gary is the classical young active patient with significant knee arthritis following an injury.

“Gary’s knee pain was causing physical impairment in function and caused mental anguish affecting his personal, professional and family life.

“Robotic assisted knee replacement (ROSA) is the latest advancement in knee replacement surgery and provides live feedback during surgery, which helps improve accuracy and precision.

“With ROSA robotic-assisted knee replacement, Gary can now go back to enjoying physical activities, including some sporting activities and his family life. I wish him all the best.”