A FAMILY has become increasingly frustrated after their neighbour's scaffolding collapsed and "destroyed" their family cars last month.

During the strong winds of Storm Isha, a two-story scaffolding collapsed on Acorn Street, Newton-le-Willows, at around midnight on Monday, January 22.

The scaffolding is reported to have been erected due to ongoing issues with roof leaks, with its collapse causing damage to two properties on Acorn Street, both of which are owned by Torus, as well as serious damage to three vehicles.

Warrington Guardian: Jason said the collapse destroyed his family carsJason said the collapse destroyed his family cars (Image: Jason Frayne)
Jason Frayne, one of the neighbours affected by the collapse, said that his family are not only frustrated by the damage caused but also the "lack of response" from the housing association.

Jason said: "The collapse completely destroyed three cars, two of ours and one of the neighbours, as well as causing guttering and roof damage on our house. My son is also nervous about going to bed after this as it collapsed next to his room.

"The fire brigade came and helped to make the scene safe, and we have been given hire cars from our insurance company, but my biggest frustration is the way we have been treated by the housing association.

"I've paid my rent for years and it just feels like they're passing the buck for who is responsible between them and the scaffolding company.

"We wouldn't be having this problem if the roof problems were fixed years ago and I just want someone to take some responsibility for it as it is really grinding me down."

Warrington Guardian: Some of the metal poles went through vehicle windows and windscreensSome of the metal poles went through vehicle windows and windscreens (Image: Jason Frayne)
Jason, a joiner by trade, also alleges that the collapse is the result of "poor standard of scaffolding", which he believes was not strapped to the house properly during the strong winds.

Torus disputed this claim and confirmed that the incident has been referred to the Health and Safety Executive and insurance companies, with an investigation needing to conclude before any compensation or remuneration works can take place.

Warrington Guardian: The fire brigade helped to make the scene safe after the collapseThe fire brigade helped to make the scene safe after the collapse (Image: Jason Frayne)
A spokesperson for Torus said: “We are aware of the scaffolding coming down during excessive wind during Storm Isha on 21 January, the site was made safe that night until the weather eased to allow further action.

“We are sorry by the damage caused by the extreme weather and appreciate how upsetting this incident has been. Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies takes time.

“As per normal procedure, the matter has been referred to the Health and Safety Executive. Discussions are continuing with those affected in relation to compensation for the damage caused and property repair work required."