‘VERY minor’ changes to a major link road scheme look set to be approved.

An application proposing the variation of two conditions on the previously approved application for the Parkside Link Road will come before Warrington Borough Council’s development management committee on Thursday.

It is being recommended for approval, subject to conditions, with delegated authority given to the development manager to make non-material changes to planning conditions and reasons as may be necessary prior to the issue of the decision.

A report to the committee states that the proposed changes to the scheme are ‘very minor’ and in Warrington are ‘not material’.

It says: “The change to the condition two seeks to amend the highway alignment layout drawing.

“Within Warrington, the updated drawing shows very slight changes to the alignment of the PLR at Winwick Lane (at the junction with M6 J22) and at the junction of the PLR with Parkside Road.

“There are more changes to the highway alignment on land within St Helens, particularly on the stretch between the A49 Winwick Road and Parkside Road around the access points into the wider Parkside Phase 1 site to the north and south of the PLR where the size of the radii of the junctions would be increased, although the positions of the junctions would remain as per the approved scheme.”

Furthermore, according to the report, the changes to the other condition – which forms part of this application – relate to a new set of landscape and ecology detailed planting plans to replace those currently referenced in the condition, adding that it also refers to the ‘phasing details’ which were submitted and approved as part of ‘a discharge of condition application’.