A WARRINGTON woman was praised by host Bradley Walsh when appearing on The Chase.

Bryony introduced herself on the ITV daytime quiz show on Friday as a 51-year-old dog walker from Warrington.

This prompted Bradley to say: “A beautiful part of the world, I have to say. I love it in that area, it’s terrific.”

Bryony said she looks after between eight and 10 dogs a day and has a dog herself – Kip the border collie, who she goes running with.

When asked how she switches off and relaxes, Bryony said: “I’m in the middle of writing a book at the moment. It’s a kind of mystery thriller, bit of romance in there. A bit of darkness in there – there is a murder.

“I’ve done my second draft, but it has taken me years, since 2016, so it’s taken me quite a long time.”

She added that if she won, she would be looking to get her book published, or if she won big, ‘get someone to finish it for her’.

Bryony, from Warrington, appeared on The Chase. Picture: ITV

Bryony, from Warrington, appeared on The Chase. Picture: ITV

Bryony won £3,000 in her cash builder, answering her first three questions correctly on animals, film and music, but being incorrect or passing on six questions on the likes of history, religion and TV.

After returning for her round, Chaser Darragh Ennis, nicknamed ‘The Menace’, said: “As your dogs would say, that was ‘ruff’. Now, you better take the lead or I’ll collar you, and it’s walkies time.”

He gave her a low offer of £1,000 and high offer of £40,000.

When asked by Bradley what her dog would say, she said: “Woof,” adding: “It’s hard. I want to go for the £1,000, but I’ll stick with the £3,000.”

The Chaser said: “I don’t think that makes a lot of sense. This is a pride decision. I hope for you it doesn’t come before a fall.”

Bryony answered her first question right, before incorrectly guessing the second on Chinese football – which was annoyingly guessed correctly by The Chaser.

A correct answer of ‘Barbie’ got her back on track, with Darragh guessing wrong, with the same happening with the next question on Manchester geography.

Bryony, from Warrington, appeared on The Chase. Picture: ITV

Bryony, from Warrington, appeared on The Chase. Picture: ITV

Another correct answer of ‘back’ led Bradley to describer her as a ‘good player’, and a guess of ‘X-men’ saw her through with £3,000.

All four players made it back, with £15,000 in the prize pot – with the final chase giving the chance of each walking away with £3,750.

Bryony answered the first question on the colour of a shamrock correctly, as well as another question on the origin of the name of the month ‘August’.

Scarlett Moffatt was another correct answer for Bryony, as well as ‘Metallica’, with a right answer of ‘Liberace’ sandwiched in between two passes.

Her final two answers were both passes, with the team finishing on 18, after which The Chaser said that their talent should have seen them achieve a much higher score, but ‘the wheels fell off’.

The team got one pushback, but Darragh was home and dry with 23 seconds remaining.

Despite the disappointment, Bryony told Bradley that she had had a ‘brilliant’ day.