HUNDREDS of people gathered in Warrington town centre today, Sunday, to pay their respects to Brianna Ghey on the first anniversary of her brutal murder.

A ‘poignant’ service was held for Brianna, with moving statements made by her friends and family, including her mum Esther.

Those present heard how Brianna was ‘unique’ and ‘joyous’ and ‘unapologetically herself’.

“I will never meet anyone like you ever again, and I hope I don’t because you were such a unique experience,” one of Brianna’s friends said.

Another said: "It doesn't feel like a year since you left us, but nonetheless I have missed you all 365 because I love you lots and you meant more to me than you thought you did.

"Even down to our birthdays, it just wasn't the same without you Facetiming me as it changed from your day to mine.

"But I know that you are with us in spirit."

To end the vigil, attendees were asked to light their phone torches which they held in the air as a two minute silence period took place.

Following the service, flowers, balloons, paintings, and cards were laid for Brianna by many emotional mourners.

Here is a look at today’s vigil with pictures captured by photographer Dave Gillespie.