PLANS for a single-storey studio building to serve an existing dance academy look set for approval.

The location of the site is JC Dance Academy, on River Road.

The application will come before the development management committee at its Town Hall meeting on Thursday.

The application refers to a council-owned site which is currently leased by JC Dance Academy, according to a report to the committee.

“The building on the site was originally built as a community centre, with permission granted for a change of use to a dance centre in 2013,” it adds.

“Planning permission is sought for the addition of a freestanding, prefabricated building on the site to provide an additional dance studio.

“The proposed building would be single storey and would measure 10.8 metres by 6.6 metres with a pitched roof. The building would be timber clad.

“The proposed new building would support the expansion of a local Warrington business and enhance the services which can be provided to the local community.

“The proposed building would have no long term impacts on the character and appearance of the area and should not result in any significant additional harm to the amenity of neighbouring occupiers.”

The application is being recommended for approval, subject to conditions, with delegated authority given to the development manager to make non-material changes to planning conditions and reasons as may be necessary prior to the issue of the decision.