Cold callers knocking on your door can be a nuisance, especially if you don't want to waste your time trying to politely ask them to leave.

If you have been stuck with this issue persistently it might be helpful to know some of the best steps to deterring them.

It could be especially pertinent to know, as some cold callers may try to deceive individuals into providing personal information, such as bank details.

Security experts at ADT have put together a useful guide about the dangers of cold callers as well as what to do if someone knocks on your door that you do not recognise.

6 ways to deter cold callers from your home

Don’t Feel Obligated To Answer

You are not obligated to open the door to someone you don't know or feel comfortable with. It's okay to ignore the knock or speak through the door without opening it.

Use a Peephole or Window

If you have a peephole or window near your door, use it to discreetly check who is outside before opening the door.

Avoid opening the door if you're unsure of the visitor's identity. If you wish to have an extra layer of security, it could be worth installing a CCTV system or outdoor camera with two-way audio.

Communicate Through The Door

If you decide to speak to the person, do so through the closed door. Ask who they are and what they want without unlocking or opening the door.

Alternatively, you can install a wireless video doorbell, or an outdoor camera with two-way audio allowing you to identify and speak to whoever approaches your door from the inside of your home either through your smartphone or via the alarm panel itself.

"A video doorbell can also act as a deterrent as it will capture recorded footage and audio of the conversation being had at your door, with all fraudsters wanting to go undetected with no evidence to incriminate them.

Request Identification

If the visitor claims to represent a company or organisation, ask for identification or a badge through the door. Legitimate representatives should have identification and be willing to show it.

Set Up or Join a Neighbourhood Watch

If you're suspicious or uneasy about cold callers visiting your property, consider speaking to neighbours and informing them about how you feel.

They can either assist you or keep an eye out for any unusual activity. Visit the Neighbourhood Watch website and see if there is a local scheme near you.

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Put Up a ‘No Cold Callers’ Sign

This signage is intended to discourage unwanted visitors, and disregarding it counts as a criminal offence.

While the police may not intervene in every instance of this sign being ignored, the gathered information can aid in targeting such sellers and deterring criminal activities.