A NURSERY has failed in its bid to significantly raise the cap on the number of children it is able to care for over noise concerns.

Applicant Bright Stars Nursery Group sought permission to increase the existing cap on toddler numbers at Cheshire Day Nursery.

This would be done by utilising the remainder of a building acquired in 2017 as nursery space at the Thelwall New Road site.

However, the application has been thrown out by Warrington Borough Council’s planning department.

Plans stated: “In 2017, a planning application was made to convert two rooms within this building into nursery space, which was granted.

“Given the increased demand for nursery spaces at our nursery, we wish to uplift the existing planning cap and utilise the remainder of the building as nursery space.

“When measuring the size of the rooms available across the entire nursery space, the actual capacity available for nursery space is 130 children.

“We therefore request the individual capacity restriction of 50 children in 2007, and the capacity restriction of 32 children applied in 2017 for partial use of an adjoining property, Balfour House, is removed.

“We also request a new combined capacity to include utilising the remainder of the space in Balfour House is increased to 130 children, in line with the actual space available within our nursery.

“There is sufficient car parking space available at our nursery to accommodate staff and parents during nursery drop off and collection times.

“Several staff and parents walk to nursery given their homes being within very close proximity.”

In rejecting the plans, the council said: “The proposed increase in the number of children to be accommodated on the site would result in excessive noise pollution arising from the increased use of the outdoor play areas associated with the nursery.

“This would have a harmful impact on the amenity and quality of life of existing neighbouring, residential occupiers.

“Insufficient information has been provided in relation to the operation of the outdoor play areas to demonstrate that the noise impacts can be mitigated or controlled.

“The application also fails to demonstrate that the additional vehicle movements and parking requirements associated with the proposed increase in the number of children to be cared for on the site can be accommodated.

“This is without detriment to the local highway network and the amenity of the surrounding local area and community.”