IT’S Pancake Day - fancy flipping some pancakes?

Crepes or American style? Sweet or savoury? How do you eat your pancakes?

There’s been a sweet smell of success coming from White Lace Bakery in the town centre over the past couple of years having scooped our Best for Dessert awards in 2022 and 2023 making them double winners.

Having served up countless plates of pancake towers in the past few years on their award-winning dessert menu, who better to ask for some top tips on Pancake Day?

Warrington Guardian: Chocolate and strawberries is a classic favouriteChocolate and strawberries is a classic favourite (Image: White Lace Bakery)

Lindsay Albon had a wedding cake business in 2016 and then threw open the doors to her shop four years later on Market Place, Golden Square, after running a temporary stall in Warrington Market.

The talented team – Lindsay, husband Graham and daughter Lauren Paget, who is the shop manager – won 2022’s Best for Dessert award and did the double, winning Warrington’s 2023 search to find the tastiest treats in town.

Warrington Guardian: Banoffee pancake stack is a firm favourite with customersBanoffee pancake stack is a firm favourite with customers (Image: White Lace Bakery)

Lindsay said: “We have so many tasty treats on our menu for Pancake Day – eight sweet and one sweet and savoury.

“There’s Nutella and strawberries, Kinderella and Lotus Biscoff as well as white chocolate funfetti, brownie overload and banoffee.

“Customers also love our Galaxy caramel stack and our special Easter bunny pancakes served with mini eggs and malteaser bunnies.

“The New York stack is a mix of sweet and savoury – how the Americans traditionally eat pancakes – with streaky bacon and maple syrup.

“We’ll be open late on Tuesday serving our American pancake stacks – no need to book!”

Here are Lindsay’s top three tips:

  1. Always use fresh eggs preferably free range to make extra fluffy pancakes.
  2. Take your time and make sure the heat isn’t too high or they might stick and burn
  3. Flip your pancakes at the right time – look out for bubbles on top and flip them over