IT is 30 years this month since one of Warrington's most popular nightclubs went up in smoke.

Mississippi Showboat and Secrets, on Howley Lane attracted revellers from Warrington and beyond during its heyday in the 1980s and 90s.

It was not exactly Miami Vice (although lots of people dressed like it was) and it was out in Howley but for many years it was the heart of the town.

Sadly it was burned to the ground by arsonists in February 2004.

Firebugs struck at the site of the former Mississippi Showboat and Secrets, in Howley Lane, some time after midnight

The blaze was believed to have started in a garage, which was wrecked, and in which two guard dogs died.

New housing alongside the Mersey has replaced the former club.

Warrington Guardian:

A garage owner single-handedly tackled the fire in the foyer of Secrets after two arsonists were spotted throwing firebombs. 

A mechanic  gave chase to the men in their early 20s while the owner grabbed two fire extinguishers from the Mirror Racing garage and fought the blaze for more than 10 minutes before emergency services arrived. 

By the time the emergency crews reached the scene, the fire was out – but not before causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. 

It never reopened