THIS picture will transport you back to the 1980s.

The Roller Rink, described as ‘the best place ever’, stood on Winmarleigh Street in the town centre in the 80s.

Thousands of youngsters would spend their time there, often buying skates from the shop on Knutsford Road.

With Bauer boots and the old half pipe, it was a place many people from Warrington (and beyond) would spend their youth.

The roller rink came back to Warrington in the early 2000s when the former Kwik Save near New Town House was converted.

However it did not survive long and flats now stand on the land.

Jane Smith was a regular.

She said: "I can still remember it now and I have lots of friends from then who I still see today.

"There was nothing better than going along with my Bauer skates.

"I would go two or three nights a week, it was a real community. The best days of our lives.

"I just wish our kids today had something similar."