PEOPLE are darting into romance this month, all thanks to the recent ‘Luke Littler effect’.

The Warrington darter and former Padgate Academy pupil captured the attention of the nation in his run to the World Darts Championship final, leading to his inclusion in the darts Premier League.

Such has been the impact of 'The Nuke's' ability that 53 per cent of individuals now say they are eager to take on their date at a game of darts for a fun, first-date activity.

A new survey by Sky Sports has unveiled how this ‘effect’ is shaking up the dating scene and how a game of darts could help singles hit the target on their next connection.

Activity-based dates soared past more traditional date options, with almost half (48 per cent) of participants favouring activities such as mini-golf and darts over more conventional activity choices like attending live performances, exploring museums or taking a class together.

Singles also confirmed that a shared interest in sport would help when finding their perfect match, with a whopping 73 per cent of respondents saying this could be a strong foundation for a romantic connection.

The survey also identified potential pitfalls in dating etiquette that singles should avoid when aiming to impress their date.

Being overly critical or judgmental about the chosen activity (52 per cent) and poor sportsmanship (46 per cent) emerged as the top deal-breakers among participants for activity-based first dates.

Speaking about the research, Helen Falkus, Sky Sports director of multi sports, said: “There is something truly epic about how sport brings people together, making it no surprise that sharing a game or cheering on your team is seen as the perfect foundation for a relationship.

“I am super excited to see the younger crowd getting hooked on darts as we gear up for the entertainment of Premier League Darts on Sky Sports from February.”