IT’S time to grab a pizza the action!

Today, Friday, February 9, is National Pizza Day - a whole day dedicated to everyone's favourite cheesy Italian treat.

The cheesy topped dough that can be eaten hot or cold is a favourite when it comes to ordering fast food.

Do you go for a traditional margherita pizza with cheese and tomato or do you like extra toppings on every slice?

Last year, as part of our Best of 2023 campaign, we searched for Warrington's Best for Pizza venue.

We were inundated with nominations and put together a shortlist of the top ten pizza places.

You voted Donatello on Orford Lane your number one pick and the talented team led by owners Sam, Adam, Khalid, Yasmin and Jemel Boujibar were rightly celebrating.

Here is a reminder of the top ten destinations for perfect pizza in Warrington - which will you try on National Pizza Day?

Warrington Guardian: Rudy'sRudy's (Image: Image supplied)

Rudy’s, Walton Road, Stockton Heath

One pizza lover said: “Rudy’s serves the best pizza you’ll get outside of Naples in the UK.

“It just does traditional Neapolitan pizza but they do it extremely well.

“This is how pizza is meant to be made.”

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Warrington Guardian: Louie's PizzaLouie's Pizza (Image: Image supplied)

Louie’s Pizza, Warrington Market, Times Square

The pizza from this popular place is “amazing” and “by far the best”.

Brothers Tom and James Glover were crowned Best for Pizza in 2022.

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Warrington Guardian: EmiliosEmilios (Image: Image supplied)

Emilios, Honiton Square, Penketh

One recommendation simply said this is “the best pizza in Warrington” – what else is there to say?

The 16 inch pizza base topped with house marinara sauce, mozzarella, fire roasted red peppers and artichokes and drizzled with smokey honey infused with garlic, black pepper and smokey chipotle gets the thumbs up.

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Warrington Guardian: Anton'sAnton's (Image: Image supplied)

Anton’s Pizza, Longford Street, Warrington

This long-standing venue offers “fresh pizzas” that are “homemade” and delivered “hot, tasty and on time” every time.

One nomination said: “Always great service and wonderful pizzas with great names!”

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Warrington Guardian: Donatello'sDonatello's (Image: Image supplied)

Donatello’s, Orford Lane, Warrington

Nominations for this long-standing pizza restaurant include “Donatello’s every time” and “Donatello’s by far”.

One happy customer recommended the calzone saying “it’s to die for”.

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Warrington Guardian: RuddiesRuddies (Image: Image supplied)

Ruddies, The Odyssey, Bold Street, Warrington

Ruddies “is the one who deserves it” as the owner is “passionate and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to pizza”.

One nomination said: “Ruddies is our go to place for pizza every time.”

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Warrington Guardian: Delgado'sDelgado's (Image: Image supplied)

Delgado’s, Honiton Way, Penketh

Regulars say the “best homemade pizza” is made at Delgado’s and “better than any chain place”.

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Warrington Guardian: San LorenzoSan Lorenzo (Image: Image supplied)

San Lorenzo, Palmyra Square North, Warrington

The lunchtime deal is popular with customers at this town centre venue as there are half a dozen special pizzas on the menu for just £7.95.

The pizza capri is topped with rocket, figs and pine nuts – delicious.

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Warrington Guardian: I PizzaI Pizza (Image: Image supplied)

I Pizza, Orford Lane, Warrington

There are two calzones on the menu at this Orford venue – a chicken and a donner.

The tomato base is filled with garlic butter, fresh tomato and cheese and then chicken or donner is added before it’s folded and baked.

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Warrington Guardian: Don LuigiDon Luigi (Image: Image supplied)

Don Luigi, Common Lane, Orford

One review on their Facebook page said: “This is a touch of Italy in the village.

“There’s a fantastic menu selection with vegan options available.”

Another said: “It’s still as good as ever.”

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