TRULY moving impact statements were heard from the family of Brianna Ghey at the sentencing hearing of her two killers.

Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe were both locked up for life today, Friday, with minimum terms set at 22 years and 20 years respectively.

Esther Ghey, Brianna’s mum said it is impossible to come to terms with her tragic murder, and her statement can be read here.

The 16-year-old’s dad Peter Spooner read his impact statement out in person, stating: “It is impossible to put into words how the murder of my child has affected me. I have been deprived of so many memories and time with her.

“We were forming a new relationship and these two murderers have stolen that from us both.

“I hate how Brianna’s life has been brutally taken away from her and she has been deprived of the life she wanted to live.

“Now my world has been torn apart, justice may have been done with the guilty verdicts, but no amount of time spent in prison will be enough for these monsters.

“I cannot call them children as that makes them sound naïve or vulnerable which they are not, they are pure evil, Brianna was the vulnerable one.

“They were determined to kill and never gave up until they had blood on their hands, my Brianna’s blood.

“Not an ounce of remorse has been shown from these murderers, putting myself and my family through this awful trial having to hear the details about how Brianna suffered. It is unforgivable.”

A statement was also prepared by Alisha Ghey, Brianna’s sister, who said: “The worst thing that could possibly happen, our worst anxiety came true.

“The memory of the night I was told we lost her has overpowered many of the happy memories I have of growing up alongside Brianna.

“I will never forget the night I opened the door to the two shook up police when I was alone in my house.

“I feel this every time I come home to Brianna not being there. After a while this became unbearable.

Warrington Guardian: Brianna's family arriving at courtBrianna's family arriving at court (Image: PA)

“The week of finding out she had been taken from us the house was silent. Our life had changed completely.

“The loss of a younger sibling to something so horrific is indescribably painful, like a part of me is missing.

“I learnt to do everything with her and I feel that now she is gone I can’t keep growing as I did when I was with her.

“The only thing that would make me happy again would be if I could hear Brianna’s voice and laughter, and cuddle up on my bed watching a film together like we used to do.

“But I will never get my sister back and I must carry that pain for the rest of my life.”

A further statement was read out on behalf of Wes Powell, Brianna’s stepdad, who said: “Throughout February and March this year, our home was filled with the sound of pain filled cries and sobbing.

“On Saturday, February 11, our lives were torn apart and forever changed. Our memories will always be divided into two parts. What happened before that day and what happened after that day.

“The moment the police officer informed us of not only Brianna’s sudden death but also the horrific nature of her murder will always be the worst moment of our lives.

“The memories of Identifying Brianna’s lifeless body and carrying her coffin during her funeral have also been burnt into my mind and will haunt me for as long as I live.

“The thought of Brianna lay face down in the dirt, terrified, in severe pain, covered in blood and all alone without her family for comfort, breaks my heart and fills me with sorrow.

“Brianna was so full of life and now our home feels empty and silent without her. The collection of memories that we have of Brianna will always remain the same and it saddens me greatly that we will never have the chance to add to that collection.

“Brianna had a large online following, but in reality she was lonely, vulnerable and in need of a close friend.

“Both Eddie and Scarlett knew this and preyed upon her vulnerabilities, acting as two predators stalking their prey.

“Their refusal of guilt has forced us through a further four weeks of torment. As if we have not suffered enough.

“During this trial, we have observed a lack of remorse, a lack of any human emotion and we have sat and listened to yet even more lies.”