MEET the Orford resident running a unique business from her kitchen.

Hannah Boardman has baked since she was a young child and often makes impressive cakes for special occasions, including birthdays.

So after deciding to combine her love for chocolate and creativity, Hannah founded Slabracadabra last March.

Warrington Guardian: Business owner Hannah Boardman

The business offers delicious chocolate slabs which can be personalised with special messages.

There are ‘classic’ slabs and seasonal slabs, such as Easter eggs and hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Warrington Guardian:

What Hannah believes makes Slabracadabra stand out is its personalisation.

She told the Warrington Guardian: “Gifting chocolate is not a new concept, but adding a personalised message within it offers a chance for you to have a bit of fun with it.

“Whether it's a funny message or keeping it nice and simple with a 'happy birthday', Slabracadabra offers personalised gifts that your friends will remember.

Warrington Guardian:

“With each letter individually placed and each slab hand-wrapped and packed by myself, I aim to deliver high quality gifts that make people smile.”

For each product Hannah creates, it takes around two hours on average depending on the personalisation.

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 She creates the letters by melting white chocolate into moulds and then lets them set before assembling the slab with the toppings requested by each customer.

So far, business has been good for Hannah and she has even just opened her own Etsy shop.

She has plans for lots of exciting new products.

You can find Slabracadabra on Instagram here.

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