CCTV footage has been released of the moment Brianna Ghey met her killers on the day of her death.

The 16-year-old schoolgirl left her Birchwood home for the final time on February 11 last year at 12.45pm, with Cheshire Police previously releasing doorbell camera footage.

She had previously arranged to meet Scarlett Jenkinson – someone she believed to be her friend – and Scarlett’s friend Eddie Ratcliffe, in Culcheth that day.

On leaving home, she sent a message to her mum, Esther Ghey, stating: "I'm leaving to go see Scarlett, dogs are locked up."

Brianna boarded the number 28 Warrington’s Own Buses service from Birchwood train station to Culcheth Library at 1.38pm, having waited about 20 to 30 minutes before a bus arrived Again, CCTV footage of her boarding the bus, paying the fare and taking her seat has already been released by Cheshire Police.

Chillingly, Jenkinson previously told Brianna to ‘ask for a child single ticket’.

While on the bus at 1.41pm, the trial heard Brianna messaged her mother again stating: “I'm on the bus by myself, I'm scared.”

Ms Ghey later told police she was 'proud' that her 'anxious' daughter had felt able to go out by herself and replied: “Oh that's well good xx.”

During the trial, prosecutor Deanna Heer said Brianna had a ‘very distinctive look’ on the day, including long red hair and a fluffy white jacket with knee-high white socks.

A statement was also heard from the bus driver who said: “The thing that made her stand out was the way she was dressed.

“It was freezing cold that day. I could not believe she wasn't wearing warmer clothing.”

He also said: “From the moment I saw her, I just felt there was something odd about her.

Describing her as ‘timid and quietly spoken, he added: “I felt as if she was going out of her way not to be seen.

“She just gave the impression she was someone who just wanted to be left alone.”

At 1.53pm, Brianna exited the bus and meet both Jenkinson and Ratcliffe at a bus stop near to Culcheth Library, and they then walked to Linear Park.

Later that day, at 3.13pm, Brianna was found lifeless by a husband and wife out walking their dog, and by 4.02pm, following the arrival of emergency services and attempts to save her life, the schoolgirl was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

More footage released today shows Jenkinson and Ratcliffe walking along a street in Culcheth, having left Linear Park and a fatally injured Brianna.

They were picked up on the dashcam of a passing car.

Footage has also been released of Ratcliffe boarding the bus – another 28 service – home to Leigh from Culcheth.

This is after the stabbing, with his hood up and his sleeves over his hands.

Ms Heer said during the trial that his web history that afternoon showed him accessing sites with advice on breathing exercises for stress and getting help for anxiety.

Later, the court heard Ratcliffe sent a message to Jenkinson saying: “Do you know what my favourite quote is? If you wish for peace prepare for war.”

Jurors were told she asked if he had anxiety about getting caught, to which Ratcliffe replied: “Probably.”

Jenkinson then said: “You’re not going to get caught don’t worry, police are s***e here.”