RISHI Sunak has said his ‘thoughts are with the family of Brianna Ghey’ on the day of her murderers being sentenced.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “First and foremost, the Prime Minister’s thoughts are with Brianna’s family, friends and loved ones.

“Obviously the hurt that they feel is unimaginable and the Prime Minister shares in the country’s horror at this despicable and cowardly murder.”

Asked about the decision to name her killers, he said: “It’s obviously an independent judicial decision.

“As the judge has said herself, this is clearly a shocking and exceptional case.”

The spokesman also praised the “courage and dignity” of the teenager’s mother.

Esther Ghey provided a victim impact statement in court today, in which she said: “What I struggle to describe. No parent should ever have to bury their child. She should have been around for the rest of my life.

“Brianna had plans for her future which we will never have the chance to support her with. She wanted to go to college and study beauty therapy; she was looking forward to being old enough to have a little job like her big sister.

Warrington Guardian:

“We had also discussed her learning to drive, and she had even picked out which pink car she would like for her 18th birthday.

"When I remember the good memories that we made together it hurts so much because she’s not here anymore to remember them with me, and we will never get the chance to make more memories together. “Instead, the final memories that I carry, are the memories of hearing the news that my child had been found dead; memories of identifying Brianna’s lifeless body; memories of her funeral; and now to add to that, memories of the trial where the two people responsible for Brianna’s death have cowardly pointed the finger towards each other, showing no remorse and only interested in defending themselves.

“I believe that both Scarlett and Eddie continue to be a danger to society. Their behaviour has impacted my family terribly and I would never want them to have the opportunity to carry out their sadistic fantasies on another vulnerable person. As I’ve mentioned, I have another daughter and one day I will hopefully have grandchildren.

"I want to help to make society a safer place for them to grow up, and the thought of Scarlett and Eddie being released from prison absolutely horrifies me. I don’t believe that someone who is so disturbed and obsessed with murder and torture would ever be able to be rehabilitated.

"I have moments where I feel sorry for them, because they have also ruined their own lives, but I have to remember that they felt no empathy for Brianna when they left her bleeding to death after their premeditated and vicious attack, which was carried out not because Brianna had done anything wrong, but just because one hated trans people and the other thought it would be fun."