THE teenage girl found guilty of the murder of Brianna Ghey has admitted she attempted to poison the teenager before she was stabbed to death.

Two 16-year-olds were found guilty of murdering Brianna in Culcheth in February 2023.

Those teenagers have been named as Eddie Ratcliffe and Scarlett Jenkinson; formerly referred to as Boy Y and Girl X.

At the sentencing of the two murderers at Manchester Crown Court, the court heard that a doctor visited Scarlett Jenkinson after she was found guilty of murder, along with Ratcliffe.

It was heard that Jenkinson admitted the account she gave in court initially was false.

She admitted that she had tried to give Brianna an overdose of painkillers, under the false premise that this would give her a ‘high.’ The murderer also admitted to the doctor that she had, indeed, stabbed Brianna ‘a lot’ during the brutal, frenzied attack which claimed Brianna’s life.

Jenkinson expressed that Eddie Ratcliffe had stabbed Brianna ‘three or four’ times before she ‘snatched’ the knife from his hands, and began to stab her – when the doctor asked Jenkinson how many times she stabbed Brianna, she said ‘a lot.’ The female murderer said that Ratcliffe had stabbed Brianna, and after throwing her to the floor, he said he did not want to kill her – despite this, Jenkinson took the knife and continued stabbing Brianna.

Jenkinson admitted to the doctor that she stabbed Brianna ‘enough times to kill her’ and that she was ‘excited and satisfied.’ She said Ratcliffe didn’t like Brianna as she was trans, but Jenkinson said she enjoyed thinking about the plan to kill Brianna.

Jenkinson admitted she intended to take a part of Brianna’s body as a token, and she admitted giving Brianna tablets intending that they would poison Brianna.

She accepted that she and Ratcliffe had deliberately lured Brianna to the park and he brought his knife on her request, but she inflicted the first stab wound then passed the knife to Ratcliffe who forced her to the floor and stabbed her, before she inflicted more of the stab wounds.