TAKE a look at this dramatic transformation of a building in Warrington.

These are before and after pictures of the renovation of the former Age UK unit on London Road in Stockton Heath.

Warrington Guardian:

After eight months of work, Santorini Café has now opened in the charity shop’s place.

Owners Metodi Metodiev and Nikolaos Lempidakis, known as Meto and Niko, acquired the site back in May.

Warrington Guardian:

Since then, the two of them have worked hard to completely transform it.

Not only is the inside unrecognisable, but the outside yard has been turned into a private terrace for diners to enjoy.

Warrington Guardian:

Santorini Café, which is bringing authentic Greek food to the village, opened last week.

Meto and Niko see the door to the eatery as a ‘portal’ to transport people to Santorini, allowing them to relieve special memories of the island.

Dishes such as kleftiko, gyros, pitas, and moussaka can be found on the menu.

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