THE remaining cooling towers at Fiddler’s Ferry are yet to be demolished.

The site is currently in the process of being developed and is earmarked for the development of 860 new homes.

Last month, four of the 115m towers came crashing down in a controlled explosion.

And now, many people are wondering when the rest of Fiddler's Ferry will be demolished.

A spokesperson has revealed to the Warrington Guardian that the blow down of the remaining cooling towers ‘almost certainly’ won’t be this year.

They said at the moment, they cannot be any more specific.

Warrington Guardian:

Earlier this month, redevelopment plans revealed that a new primary school, parks, shops, and a doctor’s surgery could be built on Fiddler’s Ferry.

READ MORE > Primary school, shops, and doctor's surgery could be built on Fiddler's Ferry

This is as well as plans for 860 new homes on the land – 30 per cent of which will be available via a variety of affordable schemes such as social rent, shared ownership, and affordable rent.

As well as the new homes, the emerging development framework for Fiddlers Ferry sets out the development of a total of 101 hectares of employment land, significant new public open space, and supporting community infrastructure.

The proposals were shared following the launch of a public consultation which is running until February 11.

Plans state that as well as the new homes being supported by a number of infrastructures, a contribution will also be made to built leisure facilities as well as a contribution towards secondary school places.

There are several ways to engage with the consultation including:

•             The consultation can be viewed at

•             Attend a physical exhibition on

Tuesday, January 30, 2pm to 5.45pm at Penketh Parish Council, The Pool and Community Room, Honiton Way, Penketh WA5 2EY

Thursday, February 1, 2pm to 7.30pm at Karalius Suite, DCBL Stadium, Lower House Lane, Widnes WA8 7DZ

•             Book a one-to-one virtual drop-in session. Details can be found here.

•             View the full Draft Development Framework and associated documents here.

For more information about Peel NRE or the demolition of the site, visit