TWO of Birchwood's most affluent individuals have topped the region's list of taxpayers.

Fred and Peter Done have been ranked as the individuals paying the most tax in the north west, according to the Sunday Times.

The brothers are the owners of the gambling giant Betfred, which pulls in around £7billion annually through their 1,470 bookies and online.

Warrington Guardian: Fred Done and his brother, Peter, were among the country's highest taxpayers last yearFred Done and his brother, Peter, were among the country's highest taxpayers last year (Image: Newsquest)

According to the Sunday Times: "Fred and Peter Done and family are the top taxpayers [in the north west], contributing more than £204million in the past 12 months."

The brothers were the highest taxpayers in the north west last year, and paid the fourth-highest amount of tax in the UK in the same time period.

In the past, the brothers have been quoted as having said that they will never move to a tax haven.

The Warrington-based brothers paid more tax last year than Wetherspoon boss Sir Tim Martin and Dyson magnate Sir James Dyson.

According to the list, the north west's top taxpayers were:

  1. Fred and Peter Done and family - £204.6million
  2. John Timpson and family - £99.8million
  3. Tom Morris and family - £91.7million
  4. Henry Moser - £39.6million
  5. The Warburton family - £31.3million
  6. Chris Sheppard and family - £21million
  7. Simon, Bobby and Robin Arora - £14.7million
  8. Daren Whitaker - £13.1million
  9. David and Richard Knight and family - £10.4million

The UK's top taxpayers last year were:

  1. Alex Gerko - £664.5million
  2. Bernie Ecclestone - £652.6million
  3. Denise, John and Peter Coates - £375.9million
  4. Fred and Peter Done and family - £204.6million
  5. Sir Tim Martin - £167.1million
  6. Sir James Dyson and family - £156million
  7. The Weston family - £146.2million
  8. Mike Ashley - £139.4million
  9. John Bloor - £118.1million
  10. John Timpson and family - £99.8million

Robert Watts, the compiler of the Sunday Times tax list, said: “This has been the highest-taxing government since the Second World War and although the total tax take is up – it is only by 3.3 per cent.

"Bernie Ecclestone seems to have saved Jeremy Hunt's blushes.

"The total tax found in this year's research would have been a wedge lower were it not for the vast sum shelled out by the Formula One tycoon to settle a long-running investigation.

"If you look at the bottom 98 in this year's list they paid £4.0335billion, £200million less than last year.

"That’s the amount the government pledged to the NHS to boost winter resilience. Two-thirds of the wealthy individuals in 2023's tax list were found to have paid less tax this year.

"That was usually because their businesses have reported lower profits. But lower tax receipts from the UK's richest people may raise more than the odd eyebrow at a time when the public finances remain stretched and there is talk of budget giveaways in the air.

"Since our first tax list five years ago our research has found there are wealthy people who do contribute a great deal to the public finances.

"But we do know our readers like to compare the names on the tax list with those with the rich list and wonder why there are not more people who feature on both lists."