A PALESTINE peace vigil in Warrington on Saturday saw 100 people come together at the town hall’s golden gates.

‘Warrington Friends of Palestine’ hosted the event on Saturday to show solidarity with the Palestinian people due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The death toll has reached 25,000 according to the Health Ministry of the Gaza Strip as of yesterday, January 21.

Israel is currently in the process of facing accusations of genocide in the International Court of Justice. South Africa accused the Middle-Eastern state of committing several war crimes in the process of their retaliation to the attacks of October 7 carried out by Hamas.

Warrington Guardian:

A spokesperson for Warrington Friends of Palestine said of the vigil: “Approximately 100 people from different ethnic and faith backgrounds came together and stood in solidarity for all the Palestinians slaughtered in the ongoing (over 100 days) genocide being carried out by Israel.  

“Poems were read out by young children along with the names of martyred children.  

“Of note, we had a young lady from Gaza herself in attendance giving her own real-life experience of the atrocities taking place.

“In addition, we were fortunate to also have a statement from Andrew Feinstein, former ANC member under Nelson Mandela, especially for the people of Warrington.

“Our purpose as always with previous protests and dialogue with local MPs, has been for Warrington to support and push for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

“However, we are distraught with their response (or lack thereof). Our MPs represent a town known which was once known as a front-runner in peace processes. Today, they shamefully stand with and defend Israel as they stand accused of genocide."

A spokesperson for Andy Carter, MP for Warrington South, said: “I’ve met with both representatives of the Friends of Palestine in Warrington and members of the local Jewish community. I recognise the strong feeling on both sides and have conveyed their views to Ministers, as I promised to do. 

“Israel declared war on Hamas after the group led a massive terrorist attack on communities inside Israel, killing about 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking some 240 others back to Gaza as hostages. Hamas has said on numerous occasions that it would not abide by a ceasefire and have still not take the necessary steps to release all of the hostages.

 “I note and agree with the Prime Minister’s recent comments that Israel must act within international law and I am pleased he has made the UK Government’s views clear to the Israeli government at a number of levels.”

A spokesperson for Charlotte Nichols, MP for Warrington North said: "I have replied to everybody who has raised this with me, and anyone who wants to book an appointment to discuss this or any other issue with me is welcome to do so. I am not reflexively pro-Israel – this is not football and I don’t believe that choosing sides is helpful.

"From the start I have urged a political resolution to this awful situation, including a viable ceasefire that can lead to an enduring and peaceful two-state solution. I have met with the Palestinian ambassador, families of hostages, and others to give what support I can.

“I have publicly called for an increase in international aid spending and support for our local authorities to address community cohesion, as well as speaking out about rising antisemitism and islamophobia. Warrington remains a town proudly dedicated to reconciliation and peace, and I hope to remain a voice for this.”